The paintings of Leonard Matte


Biography of Leonard Matte

Leonard Matte is a Western Canadian artist, residing in northern British Columbia. Born in 1960, he was raised in Vancouver where he spent most of his life. Always a practicing artist, he has had other professions including teaching painting and drawing classes to both children and adults. From the University of British Columbia, Leonard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Professional Teacher's Certificate. Leonard's work has been widely collected in British Columbia and Alberta, with some pieces in Europe. Having had work displayed in galleries in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and California, Leonard has taken part in a number of group and one man shows.

Artist's Statement

Visual art has two equally important stages: the first is the creative process in developing a work of art; the second is the relationship between the art and the viewer. My greatest joy is in the former; I love to paint. I relish in the surprises, the discoveries, the very physical nature of paint. However, I appreciate a universally accepted goal of art, specifically to move people at an emotional level in recognition of that which inspires the artist. The strength of my acrylic paintings lies in an expressive wet-on-wet technique developed to celebrate the flow of nature through the use of broad, loose brushstrokes of vibrant colours and rich tones. In addition, a combination of smooth and highly textured surface, with some of the paintings, enhances the experience of the three-dimensionality of each piece as actual art objects rather than simply two-dimensional depictions; these works can be considered as both paintings and sculptures.